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backtb.pt is a company specialised in the distance selling of food products.
backtb.pt sells its products, at the distance via Internet, via telephone and via fax.
backtb.pt possesses a physical shop aside from its Internet websites.

1. Object

The current General Conditions are introduced as a way of defining the terms of sale between backtb.pt and its customers defined below. According to the current general conditions, a customer is every physical or moral person that orders at backtb.pt, be it a private customer or not.

1.1. Scope of Application

The current Sales General Conditions rules the sale of products at the backtb.pt website on the day of the order validation.
They are applied wherever the order has been processed, be it through the Interned, electronic mail, telephone, fax or mail.

1.2. Customer Acceptance

By validating his/her order request, the customer is automatically expressing his/her acceptance of the current Sales General Conditions.
These Conditions apply to the exemption of all other conditions, except on the case of a signed agreement between both parts.
A purchase through electronic mail, telephone, or by fax or postal mail equally entails the acceptance of the following. They can be read directly from our website. They can also be sent by electronic mail, fax or mail at the request of the customer.

1.3. General Sales Conditions’ Modification

backtb.pt reserves the right to change without previous notice the conditions of use or other regulations published on the website. Therefore you should regularly check the conditions of use as the continuous use of the website is under the premise that you have accepted without reserve any changes made and are subjected to the most recent version.
The version of the current regulation possesses a precise date, the orders are in this way managed by the General Conditions of Use and consequently in force on the date of the order.

1.4. Products Characteristics

backtb.pt strives to present in the best way, the essential characteristics of the products in cooperation with the manufacturers. A confirmation of technical data is always possible by contacting our Commercial Service or by sending an electronic mail.
The products on offer comply with the European legislation in force and the standards applicable in Europe.

1.5. User Manual

backtb.pt strives to provide, where possible, the user manual in the consumer’s language. There are, unfortunately, situations where it may not be provided in paper, being it only in computerised form or by downloading directly from the Internet.

1.6. Prices

1.6.1. The sales prices stated on the website are in the currency defined by the user, with charges and taxes included in the sales prices. For resale, the prices will be stated without VAT. The shipping fees are the customer’s responsibility and will be charged at the end of the order.

1.6.2. If the backtb.pt suppliers prices suffer any kind of change, the prices stated on the website will be consequently subjected to changing at any moment.

1.6.3. All prices stated are correct except for data entry error.
If an order is placed for an article with the wrong price, we reserve the right to process an order cancellation and return to the customer the amount paid.

2. Value Added Tax (VAT)

2.1. Application

The VAT applies to sales completed with residents of the European Union. It does not apply to non-Portuguese companies of the European Union, having an intracommunity VAT number.
The VAT does not apply to export sales (Countries outside the European Union).
The invoice accompanies the merchandise and attests that the VAT was paid.
The intracommunity VAT number shall be mentioned at the moment you place an order and validated by backtb.pt. The customer is informed and accepts that all orders, where the VAT number is not mentioned or is not validated by our company, will be invoiced without VAT.

2.2. Tax

The VAT tax of 23% is included in all prices.

3. Order

3.1. Order Placement

When the customer places an order through the website, he/she shall fill the form presented to him/her. Before validating the order he/she shall reread the form to confirm the data. backtb.pt is not responsible for electronic mail sending errors nor order shipping errors caused by forms filled with wrong information.

3.2. Order Confirmation

The order confirmation is sent to the customer by an automatic electronic mail under the reservation that the email address does not contain any errors.

3.3. Order Cancellation

Every customer can cancel his/her order, at any moment, except if the order has already been invoiced. In this case, if the customer really does not want the ordered products, he/she shall accept the order and return it, at his/her own expense (view Returns), in other words, return without opening, with the words "parcel refused". If the customer ordered via the website, he/she may cancel the order by telephone, fax or electronic mail. In the case the customer refuses to receive the order, the shipping fees and initial return costs will be deducted from the amount refunded to the customer.

3.4. Product Availability

Our product offers and prices are valid as long as they are visible on our website and on the available stock limit. More detailed information can be given by telephone, fax or electronic mail.

If backtb.pt is not able to obtain a product from its suppliers within the period stated, the customer will be informed of the order state via electronic mail. This way, the customer will be able to opt for an order cancellation or even choose another product.

4. Payment

In the case of payment by credit card, it will only be debited from your account after the order has been dispatched. In case of partial shipment of an order, only the value of the shipped merchandise will be debited.

backtb.pt reserves the right to reject an order.

4.1. Payment Methods

The customer will be able to pay through the following payment methods:

4.1.1. Multibanco.
4.1.2. Authorized Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express).
4.1.3. Bank Transfer.
4.1.4. PayPal. The payments via PayPal will be handled in Euros and the exchange rate is at the charge of the customer.

4.2. Lack of Payment

backtb.pt reserves the right to refuse to deliver an order or satisfy a customer’s request of a customer that has not paid for a placed order in its entirety or in part.
All payments shall be made within a maximum of 15 workdays after the order has been placed. After this term, the order will be cancelled.

4.3. Anti-fraud Control

Cheques without provision and all sorts of abusive cheque or card forgery will be subject to immediate lawsuit.

4.4. Reservation of Ownership

backtb.pt has ownership of the products until the customer pays for them.
If you are a customer with a current account at backtb.pt, the payment will be made according to the previously agreed conditions. Valid for Professional Customers.

5. Invoice

The purchase order made online by the customer does not serve as an invoice.
Whatever the type of order placement or payment method, the customer will only receive the invoice together with the merchandise, at the moment of delivery.
backtb.pt saves a digital copy of each invoice.

6. Deadlines

6.1. Order Preparation Deadlines

Orders placed via Internet are handled by the order of arrival from Monday to Sunday.
The handling time of an order varies according to the deadline indicated next to each product.

6.2. Transportation Deadlines

The transportation deadlines of the merchandise are indicated by the carrier. These are informed to the customer for guidance, and are equally dependent on the accuracy of the address provided by the customer at the date of the order as well as his/her availability to receive the order. The carrier’s non-compliance with these deadlines shall not in any case compromise the responsibility of "backtb.pt". These deadlines are informed to the customer at the time of the merchandise’s shipping.

7. Shipping

As encomendas serão apenas expedidas de 2ª-feira a 4ª-feira, e os produtos são transportados em frio positivo, não podendo ser congelados após descongelação.

7.1. Packaging

The products to ship are packaged so that they arrive at the delivery location in perfect conditions, always taking into account the customer’s satisfaction.

7.2. Confirmation

If the customer placed his/her order on the website, an automatic electronic mail will be sent to confirm the order. In the case of the electronic mail indicated by the customer being wrong, the order will be processed after the payment confirmation.

7.3. Shipment Tracking

Sempre que a mercadoria seja expedida através da transportadora Integra2, será facultado um código ao cliente (desde que por ele solicitado) para poder seguir a entrega da encomenda pelo site da transportadora.
The order tracking depends on this carrier and is under its responsibility.
backtb.pt is not responsible for the errors that may be found on the carriers’ websites, nor for the «bugs» that may limit the possibility of consultation of the order on the carriers’ websites.

7.4. Shipping Fees

The shipping fees of the desired product(s) are described in the shopping cart.
The user can always opt to pick up the order from our facilities, without any shipping fee associated.

8. Delivery

8.1. Delivery Location

The orders will be delivered to the delivery address specified by the customer on the purchase order.

8.2. Absence on Delivery Day

You will be informed of your order’s expected date of delivery. You shall indicate a delivery address where there will always be someone present between 9 am and 6 pm, just like on the work place. If the delivery is unsuccessful, you will be informed of the date and time that the carrier was there. There will be a new delivery attempt on the following workday.

8.3. Delivery Times

The estimated time of delivery is the one that appears next to each product. This term is not binding and only serves to inform the minimum time limits foreseen for the delivery of each product. It is merely informative. All the orders made from this website will have a maximum delivery time of 60 workdays. After this deadline has passed and if backtb.pt has not been able to deliver the order, the amount paid by the customer will be refunded to the NIB indicated by him/her. The customer, by accepting these terms and conditions, waives his/her right to receive the corresponding down payment in double.

8.4. Loss of Orders

In this case, backtb.pt is forced to respect the deadlines imposed by the carrier relating to the declaration of loss and refund of the shipping charge. Thereby, the customer shall also wait for these deadlines:
– Consequently, you have a maximum term of 30 workdays counting from the day you receive the confirmation electronic mail to declare it lost, at backtb.pt. After this term, no complaint will be accepted.
– On the other hand, if the customer declared the loss of the order within the set time limit, backtb.pt will have to open a complaint process. In this case, it is possible for backtb.pt to request to the customer some necessary documents to open the complaint process. The latter shall provide the requested data as soon as possible.
– Finally, the definitive answers related to the inquiries will be given by the carrier within a period that ranges from 1 to 3 weeks. There can be two types of situations: either the order is recovered e resent to the customer according to normal procedures, or the order is declared as lost by the carrier and backtb.pt informs the customer to make a second shipping of the order or refund the customer for the invoiced value, according to the customer’s preferences.

8.5. Order Reception

We recommend that all delivered orders are object to verification and control, and that, if necessary, the customer takes notes about the state of the product on the carrier’s delivery note in case of total or partial deterioration.
Without the proper customer’s notes, the order will be subject to no subsequent dispute at backtb.pt.

The verification of the state of the product is considered as accomplished, once the delivery note is signed.

8.5.1. If the product is found to be damaged, we appreciate if you take a picture of it and send it to the e-mail [email protected] within a maximum term of 24 hours so we can trigger the transport insurance.

8.5.2. Any package received in our facilities without the sender’ identification or with payment on delivery will not be accepted.

8.6. Order Content Error

When the order is delivered to the customer, the latter shall contact backtb.pt by phone, fax or electronic mail and indicate the complaint of non-compliance of the product in type, quality or quantity, compared to the data of the placed order.
The complaint of non-compliance shall be made within the maximum period of 24 hours after the order is delivered.
The complaints that are not made in accordance with the rules defined above and within the indicated deadlines will not be accepted by backtb.pt.

8.7. Strikes or Force Majeure Events

In case of strike of the carriers or of another excepcional event that delays or prevents the order delivery, backtb.pt will inform the customer of the state of the order.

9. Returns

9.1. Returns Procedures and General Conditions

9.1.1. Conditions

Given that backtb.pt is dedicated to selling perishable products, no order returns will be accepted.

If the consumer chooses to be refunded, that refund will be made in the following 30 days upon analysis of the complaint process.

If you intend to perform a return, you shall previously be in contact with us through the e-mail [email protected], through the phone number +351912130852 or you can go to our facilities, bringing, obligatorily, the purchase invoice.

9.1.2. Condition of the Package

The articles shipped shall be in perfect condition, complete and properly packaged in the original packaging and without any signs of effective use.

In case of withdrawal or customer error, the shipping fees will be the sole responsibility of the customer.

9.1.3. Internal Error

In case of internal error, and the product sent not corresponding to the order, backtb.pt takes the responsibility for the refund of the value of the wrong product, with the product’s return not being required.


9.1.4. Danos no Transporte

backtb.pt takes the responsibility for the return and reshipping fees if the order is damaged during transport. In this situation, it will have to be replaced for the same article. If you intend to swap for a different article, the return and new shipping fees will be the responsibility of the customer.

Important note: We recommend you pay attention to the external appearance of the package as it may reflect a possible damage to the product.
At the moment of the delivery and in the presence of the courier, you shall verify the state of the product before signing the carrier’s delivery note and therefore accepting the order.
If the product is found to be damaged, we appreciate if you take a picture of it and send it to the e-mail [email protected] within a maximum term of 24 hours so we can trigger the transport insurance.

The verification of the product’s state is considered done once the carrier’s delivery note is signed.

9.1.6. Sizes and colours

The articles found on this website have sizes and colours that are as realistic as possible, but we remind you that in some cases they may not correspond 100% to reality. For specific cases, please, verify all information with the technical department before ordering as the returns for technical reasons are the sole responsibility of the customer.

9.1.7. Personalised goods

The returns, cancellations or refunds do not apply to personalised goods, situation which is foreseen by the law:
“Supply of goods produced or ordered according to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized can not be returned.”

9.1.8. Withdrawal Costs

In case of withdrawal or customer error, and the product having been sent already, the costs associated with the order will be the sole responsibility of the customer.

9.2. Decree-laws

The information regarding the customer’s right to a contract termination (private customer) is described in detail in the Decree-Law no. 143/2001 and in the Decree-Law no. 82/2008.

Regarding the right to a contract termination by Companies, Institutions, Self-employed Professionals and Entrepreneurs, the general law of the Portuguese civil code is applied, namely the rules arranged in the decree-law 67/2003.

10. Privacy and Security

10.1. We use the collected data through the website for order processing and possible promotion of our products. We do not sell, trade or rent your personal data to third-parties.

10.2. The payment of your purchases is made through a payment system especially designed for backtb.pt, through which the use of different information databases ensures extra security and privacy.

10.3. The technology favoured by backtb.pt (SSL 128), has the best encryption algorithm currently available for secure commercial transactions, which means that the payment of your purchases is made in complete security.
SSL means “Secure Socket Layer” and it is the most well-known security technology of the Internet.
The SSL protocol encodes the data making it indecipherable and impossible to manipulate (unreadable). This way the customers can not only browse our website safely but also their identities remain protected.

10.4. The payments system of backtb.pt also has digital authentication certification. This ensures that you are making the transaction with the specified payment zone and bank.

10.5. This website is certified by a recognised entity (Saphety), which has the right technology to ensure that your transactions are made safely.
The attribution of the secure site title (Saphety) held by backtb.pt is done only to websites that allow a complete insight on its operation before any information is submitted, ensuring that every and any transaction of information is made with the maximum security.

10.6. To ensure that your connection is safe, look to the bottom left or right corner of your browser’s window after accessing the server. If you see the icon of a closed padlock or of a key (depending on your browser) it means that SSL is active and that your connection is safe. You can also confirm again, by looking at the web address (URL) of your browser’s window. When assessing a safe server, the first characters will change from the “http” address to “https”.

10.7. After logging in, you can access the Customer’s Area. There you will have access to the form where you can insert or update all of your personal data. To exercise your right of access, under the applied legislation in the matter of personal data protection, namely making other corrections to your data, please, contact us by electronic mail or by phone.

10.8. When registering at backtb.pt, the customer commits to correctly filling the registration forms, providing truthful information. The security of the registration is ensured by the access code associated to it, and the customer shall commit to making a personal and untransferable use of his/her username and password, specifically not allowing its use and knowledge by third-parties.
The User commits to using the information that he/she has access to for exclusively private purposes.

10.9. The login information will be known exclusively by you and backtb.pt. backtb.pt commits to not disclosing this code, in no case. Considering the nature of the information related to the login, backtb.pt will not be responsible for the inappropriate use that its customers may make of it.

10.10. We seek to offer a quality service, and for that reason, we reserve the right to adapt our procedures at any moment.

10.11. By accessing Websites through the links provided by backtb.pt, the User agrees that the information obtained through those links is generated by independent entities, backtb.pt not having any editorial responsibility over the same. The links are presented on an exclusively indicative basis, whereby backtb.pt is not bound to any consequences whatsoever from accessing the same.

10.12. backtb.pt is not liable for any delay, suspension or interruption in the transmission of information relevant to this website, that may result from circumstances beyond its control.

11. Intellectual Property

11.1. The User is not authorised to, under any circumstances and by whatever means, store, copy, reproduce, change, distribute, sell or in any way make accessible to third-parties the information that you have access to within the scope of the present use, except when for exclusively private purposes and free of charge. The User is the sole responsible for the misuse of the information that he/she has access to within the scope of the present website.

11.2. The User acknowledges backtb.pt’s intellectual property rights over the website’s contents / elements that do not originate from third-parties, identified as such, including the page’s graphic design, the texts, images, graphics, logos, domains and brands, the customer not being authorised to reproduce, copy, change, disclose or, in general, perform any action that, in accordance with the applicable legislation constitutes an infringement to the rights holded by backtb.pt. Any fraudulent use over these rights constitutes forgery offense, severely sanctioned by the Intellectual Property Code.

12. Product Information

12.1. backtb.pt does not distribute a printed catalogue.

12.2. The photos of the products presented at backtb.pt are the sole responsibility of our suppliers and used with their authorization.

13. Terms and Conditions Acceptance

13.1. The User is responsible for any cost, expense, damage or loss, regardless of its nature, sustained by backtb.pt due to the customer’s non-compliance with the present “Terms and Conditions”.

13.2. In case of a dispute, the competent jurisdiction is the District of Caldas da Rainha, with express waiver of any other.

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