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The Back the bacon company values the confidentiality, protection and security of its customers’ data. The choice to share that data is uniquely and exclusively the responsibility of each customer, having the possibility of anonymously browsing the website. All data handling specifications and browsing privacy, as well as the handling of data that Back the Bacon uses are specified in this document. In case of doubts, our customer support team is available to help and find the needed solutions. The privacy policy and data handling was made to serve and it falls under the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation 2016/679 from the European Parliament and Council, on April 27th 2016).


The Back the bacon company is responsible for the handling of its customers’ data and is committed to handling them with responsibility, security and confidentiality. WHAT DATA DOES BACK THE BACON HANDLE? The data handled is supplied by the customer at the moment the user opts to register on the website. These are: -The name -The address -TIN -Electronic Mail -Telephone/mobile phone -Social networks’ identification


Back the Bacon handles the personal data of its customers for the following situations:

-Shipping of orders to the address indicated by customers;

-Invoice management for performed purchases and issue of related invoices;

-Communication with customers about their activities on the website;

-Marketing and direct marketing, for the submission of relevant information and Marketing actions and brand advertising;

-Loyalty programme management, as long as the customer remains in it;

-After-sales contact and query handling.


The data provided can only be accessed by the customer, by the Back the Bacon company and by third parties (platform used to host the website, financial institutions and carriers used in transactions between the customer and the company). Every and any third party subcontracting will be done under careful monitoring by the Back the Bacon company, so that the data shared remains secure and confidential.


The Back the Bacon company uses cookies, snippets of text placed on the user’s computer, so there is an efficient and personalised user experience. Cookies do not track nor collect any personal data, and can be removed by the user at any moment on their browser.


We inform that the data provided can be erased, transferred or requested by the customer if he/she wishes to do so. For such actions to take place the customer should make his/her request through the email [email protected] with the subject "DATA HANDLING". The Back the Bacon company has by law a 30 day period to meet the requests, and it may be affected by legal requirements (such as tax or financial secrecy).


It is the customer’s choice to receive new products announcements, promotions, special sales and seasonal campaigns. Back the Bacon leaves to the customer’s judgement to opt for these notifications at the moment of registration. At any moment, the customer can request to end these notifications.

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